13. The Agent/Broker as a Professional

This Course Provides:

3 Hours Life & 3 Hours A&S License
3 Hours - General License - RIBO Personal Skills

The contract that an advisor/agent/broker sells is supported, directed and regulated by The Law. 
The Judiciary and Government System that directs and enforces The Law as to the rights of the policy holder,
also supplies the same control to the Insurance Company and the advisor/agent/broker who market their products.

All this information is necessary to assist the advisor/agent/broker in the operation of their financial services business. 

This course will cover the following points:

         The laws that govern the advisor/agent/broker.

         Who creates the regulatory Insurance laws and who enforces them?

         What are the duties of the different levels of governments?

         What is the definition of an advisor/agent/broker?
Who issues the license? What are the terms and renewal for various licenses? What are the limitations of the license?
What do the various Provincial Insurance Acts prohibit?
What steps are required if an licensed advisor is terminated? What constitutes revocation of a license?

         Market place conduct for the financial advisor will be looked at.

         Advisor/agent/broker Duty of Care / Know Your Client rule is discussed in detail. Areas such as Investment knowledge;
Risk tolerance; Time Horizon; Investment Objectives and net worth are taken into consideration.

Some of the other areas that are discussed are:

- Competence, Integrity, and Ethical conduct.

- Responsibility and suitability in the transaction environment

- Priority of policy owner interests

- Code Of Ethics covering such areas as misrepresentation, defamation, replacement of policies, holding out,
policy illustrations/ledgers and what are the CLHIA Guidelines are for sales illustrations, commission splitting,
rebating and keeping the clientís information confidential.

 - This course will cover example of the Code of Ethics and how to abide by them.

- The advisor/agent/brokers role in the client relationship is discussed showing the relationship between sales and service.

- How do advisors/Brokers deal with the claims process and what are the tax consequences of a death claim?

- Advisor/agent/broker educational development that is necessary to provide the best possible service for clients and prospects.



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