This Course Provides:

 7 Hours Life 
& 7 Hours A&S License

This course covers:

  • An introduction to women and finance.

  • Facing the financial devastation of being a widow.

  • Financial goal setting.

  • Getting ready for “old age” and retirement.

  • The steps involved in keeping women from having low paying jobs that will affect retirement.

  • An inventory of assets and liabilities that need to be looked at in the financial planning process.
    Assets – Liabilities = net worth

  • The many investments that are available for the retirement years.

  • Investing disposable income. What do you choose?

  • Why insurance is important to females. What to do with insurance proceeds?

  • Health insurance - Disability, Long Term Care and Critical Insurance in the planning process.

  • The various income streams such as taxable and tax-deferred incomes such as RRSPs, TFSAs, HBPs, RRIFs, LIFs,
    annuities, Government Benefits, and Universal Life policies etc. that a person can use for retirement.

  • General insurance and the impact it can have on financial planning.

  • Power of Attorneys, Wills etc.

  • Females and the debt process and how it affects the planning process.

  • The value of credit in the financial planning process.

  • How to protect a female’s disability and retirement needs.

  • What will happen to your estate when you die.

  • Choosing a financial company to deal with.

  • The many definitions that the Advisor will use in the financial planning process.


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