23. Umbrella Insurance

This Course Provides:

4 Hours Credit RIBO Technical (General Insurance)

   This course is designed to provide the agent/broker with the knowledge required to
   understand and explain Umbrella Insurance to their prospects and clients.   
   All General Insurance AND Adjuster professionals will benefit from this course. 

   This course will cover such topics as:

  • What is the agent / broker role?

  • What is umbrella insurance?

  • How Does Umbrella Insurance Fit In With General Liability Claims?

  • When Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary?

  • What Are Umbrella Policy Characteristics?

  • How Are Umbrella Policies Underwritten?

  • Discussion of Liability Issues such as: Torts, Intentional Torts, Battery, Assault,
    Mental Distress, Defamation, Trespass, Privilege, Mistakes, Conversion, Consent.

  • What constitutes Liability claims?

  • Coverage’s & Exclusions for umbrella policies

  • Risk Management and how it affects umbrella policies.

  • Overall General Insurance terminology.


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