This Course Provides:

2 Hours Life & 2 Hours A&S License
2 Hours - Life Only in Alberta

This course covers:

  • An introduction to Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA).

  • Who can contribute to a TFSA?

  • Resident and non-resident contributions.

  • Contribution limits and how they are arrived at.

  • The process around making withdrawals.

  • Reporting requirements to CRA.

  • A comparison of a TFSA vs. RRSP.

  • What investments are available for a TFSA?

  • What types of TFSAs are there?

  • Taxation and TFSAs.

  • What happens if a person over-contributes to a TFSA?

  • What happens if I transfer my TFSA and under what circumstances?

  • TFSAs and seniors. What is the impact of the TFSA on any Government income they are receiving?

  • What happens with the TFSA at death?

  • CDIC and TFSAs.

  • Definitions that the advisor should know when discussing TFSAs with their clients and prospects.


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