This Course Provides:

4 Hours Life & 4 Hours A&S License

This course covers:

  • The importance of underwriting in the insurance process.

  • What categories the Underwriter bases their decisions on whether to issue or not.

  • Selection and classification of underwriting risks.

  • Where the Underwriter gets information from -
    The Medical Information Bureau and the part they play in underwriting.

  • The rating system that Underwriters use

  • Additional information such as Physical examinations, laboratory test, Attending Physicians Reports,
    and Inspection companies will be studied.

  • Hazardous Sports Questionnaires and the various ratings attached to different sports.

  • The rating of impaired risks

  • The Agents/Brokers role in the underwriting process.

  • Uninsurability & reinsurance.

  • The types of reinsurance.

  • Field underwriting as part of the process.

  • The application form and the importance of each question in determining risk.

  • Whether the new application is meant to replace the old one and what the process is.

  • The dangers of submitting incomplete information.

  • The Temporary Insurance Agreement (TIA)

  • When not to issue the policy.


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