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This Course Provides:

5 Hours Life & 5 Hours A&S License

This course covers:

  • An introduction and overview of the Canadian Tax system
  • What is taxable Canadian property?

  • Updated Personal and Corporate Federal and Provincial 2015/2016 income tax rates where possible

  • Income tax surtax

  • How Does Indexing Affect Our Taxes?

  • The 4 key areas that CRA uses to determine if you are an employee or self-employed for tax purposes?

  • What are the three main sources of employment income?

  • 2016 CPP/QPP overview

  • Employment Insurance premium rates

  • Employer Health taxes

  • Profit Sharing and Stock Options income tax rates

  • Tax Rules on Employee Stock Option Plans

  • Income from business or property

  • Business income taxes

  • New income tax strategies for business owners

  • Capital Gains and Losses How to calculate them.

  • Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE)

  • Capital Cost allowances

  • Exempt income sources

  • Tax deductions, credits and their uses

  • Taxation of automobile expenses what is the acceptable CRA car allowance?

  • What are automobile standby charges?

  • Taxation of Charitable giving

  • Tax Planning Implications of Charitable Donations

  • Giving other gifts as a taxable donation

  • Advantages of various tax planning strategies for the individual

  • Retirement pensions and RRSPs What are the limits?

  • 2015 Additional Tax credits

  • Taxation of child expenses and various deductions

  • Taxation of some foreign holdings

  • Scholarship and awards.  What are the tax implications?

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST/HST) Credit

  • Taxation of Life Insurance products annuities, and segregated funds.

  • Grandfathering and Anti-Abuse Rules

  • Tax sheltered investments

  • Review of the 2016 Canadian Federal Budget and recent tax changes that will assist the client and prospect in tax planning.

  • 2016 tax measures concerning Individuals

  • A glossary of CRA and tax abbreviations and acronyms



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