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This Course Provides:

4 Hours Life & 4 Hours A&S License
4 Hours - A&S Only in Alberta

This course covers:

  • An introduction to the reality of Disability Insurance.

  • What an Agents/Brokers/Advisors role is in the disability market

  • Why it is a win/win situation for the client, prospect and the Advisor.

  • What Disability insurance is.

  • How to determine the right amount of Disability Insurance.

  • What the sources of Disability insurance are and where they come from.

  • Public, Corporate and Individual Disability plans with an overview of each and the role they play in the disabled persons lives.

  • EI, WCB and social Disability plans and the eligibility requirements of each.

  • An overview of Personal and Corporate Disability contracts.

  • A guide to medical underwriting of disability policies.

  • Premiums and Risk Selection.

  • Classifying Occupations and Substandard Cases.

  • Health & Welfare Trusts

  • CRA’s views on Wage Loss Replacement Plans.

  • Business Disability Overhead Expense

  • Key Person Disability Insurance

  • Disability Buy-Out Insurance

  • Funded Buy-Out Disability Agreements

  • Disability insurance definitions.

  • Tax implications of who pays the premiums, and how the benefits are received, and any taxation associated with each.


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