Tuesday September 19, 2023


 7:45 AM Sharp – 8:00 AM

Opening Remarks – Mr. Mike Englert, BA, B.Ed., EPC


8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Mastering the Art of Building Your Business. Presented by Raymond Young - Sponsored by LMI Financial Group

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

This presentation will address the issues of practice management and building business development skills by providing proven ideas on how the advisor can build their business operation through bringing on good advisors and at the same time enjoying the iincreased income this would provide.

Presentation Overview

The financial industry is changing on an ongoing basis. Is your financial services business changing with it?

According to Deloitte, Over the past two years, the financial services industry has demonstrated its ability to successfully navigate unprecedented levels of uncertainty. From insurance to investment management, financial services organizations across the globe faced the pandemic with remarkable resilience and adaptivity, helping people, organizations, and governments get back on their feet.

The past 3 years have seen advisors who were thinking about retirement in 5 years, now retire fully due to the situation, or begin their succession planning earlier than anticipated.

Financial services companies, MGA operations etc., were bought and sold. Maybe some of your advisors just decided that this was not the profession for them, or just decided to leave.

You might be looking for larger corporate profit margins, and at your current capacity, you are unable to reach your goals due to various factors.

As a result of these and other circumstances, how are you going to replace the advisors you lost or bring on new advisors who have the same vision as you?

Your financial services business can be poised and ready to move forward by bringing on the right individuals.

During this presentation, Raymond will provide an all-encompassing overview of mastering the art of effective business building through the hiring of additional advisors.

Raymond will also cover the following when looking for the right advisors for your firm:

* How do you effectively explain the industry to the “new person?”
* How to improve your corporate branding
* What are the licensing requirements?
* What are the regulatory and due diligence requirements?
* How do you effectively manage lead lists?
* How do you manage Do Not Call lists?
* Employ marketing strategies that work
* How to expand your sourcing strategies by using social media etc.
* How do you master the art of referrals?
* And finally, providing mentorship and continuing training and education so that the new advisor thrives.

Introducing Raymond Young

Raymond Young has been an entrepreneur his entire life. Starting out as one of the youngest concert promoters in Canada at the age of 16, a multi-location gas station owner by the age of 25, and a record-breaking insurance broker by his early 30s, where he successfully grew his sales & marketing agency to 450 licensed representatives, becoming the #1 agency in all of Canada within his organization. During his seventeen-year career period he also became a professional life coach and success mentor to his organization. 

With a passion for leadership and mentorship, Raymond stepped away from financial services to create an outlet whereby he could reach out to more people than just those interested in improving their financial situation. As a result, Raymond launched his own company, We R Leadership & Consulting International; a company with a vision to inspire, enhance and provide tools for effective change and growth of individuals and organizations around the world; to significantly increase their performance potential. 

With Raymond’s passion for helping others, creative problem solving and mentorship skills, he knew he could help entrepreneurs grow and improve their business from any industry, and as a result he started Lifestyles Management Inc, business solutions specialists in 2018. Raymond’s natural leadership skills and ability to connect with people, as well as extensive entrepreneurial and financial services experience naturally led to the creation of LMI Financial Group, with a new, younger team of financial service professionals ready to make waves in the industry.

Raymond credits his success to learning how to keep moving when life stops. His father played a huge role in his success thinking; he held on to something his father said at a very young age: "things don't happen, people make things happen", hence a forty-year career as an entrepreneur. Raymond's unique edge as a coach is his authentic nature, and always speaking from the heart, never scripted. His transparency allows individuals to relate & know that it is possible for them too to create similar successes in their lives. Raymond has always walked the talk, never preaching about something he hasn't already experienced. His passion is mentoring and helping others to find their own path to success.
Mr. Raymond Young

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Retirement Planning - Diversify Your Approach to Maximize Results. Presented by Ayal Alalouf & Zainab Sheikh - Sponsored by Canada Protection Plan, A Foresters Financial Company

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

This presentation provides strategies advisors can use to help their clients diversify their retirement savings plan with life insurance. Current trends and challenges in planning for retirement are reviewed.

Additionally, this presentation will provide the advisor further knowledge that will help them with their retirement, estate, financial and living benefit planning systems that they currently use with their clients and prospects.

Presentation Overview

Life insurance is positioned as a complement to other saving vehicles such as Registered Pension plans, Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Private Pension Plans, and Tax-Free Savings Accounts. The tax advantages of this diversified approach are detailed.

The presentation will also show how critical illness insurance can help protect retirement savings from the financial impacts of a serious illness. A case study will be used to highlight key sales strategies.

And finally, Ayal will review the complimentary member benefits your clients will get just by owing a policy ($10,000 in scholarships for children & grandchildren, $10,000 in grants to help your community, free will & power of attorney documents, free online courses, and more!)

Introducing Ayal Alalouf

Ayal got his start in the insurance industry in 2004 with Freedom 55 Financial.  Over his 1st three years, he assisted 250 families with their insurance & investment needs. 

He moved on to Canada Protection Plan in 2006 Managing their Call Centre, then in 2012 became a Regional Vice President for Ontario helping advisors & MGAs with securing coverage for all Canadians. 

In 2022, Ayal now supports 3 Ontario RVPs in his role of VP of Sales in Ontario and supports advisors & MGAs with both CPP & Foresters product shelves. 

Ayal enjoys sports, loves spending time with his university aged twin girls, and is always up for a poker game. 

Introducing Zainab Sheikh

Zainab is the Regional Vice President for Ontario at Canada Protection Plan, a Foresters Financial Company.

With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Zainab provides strategies, solutions, coaches advisors, and collaborates with MGA partners to our one common goal - achieving success!  Zainab is passionate about her community and giving back, which is why she loves the complimentary member benefits the company provides to all policyholders.
Mr. Ayal Alalouf

Zainab Sheikh

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
The NEW conversation about Money, Wealth and Worth. Presented by Richard Dolan - Sponsored by The Institute of Financial Life Professionals

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

This presentation is designed to provide the advisor with an in-depth financial and estate planning perspective. The advisor will walk away from this presentation realizing that there is more to the planning process than just paper and ink.

Business development skills and enhanced client relationships are guaranteed to increase! When this happens, it becomes a win/win for both the advisor and the client.

Presentation Overview

"Richard has designed a new conversational context that will shaky and powerfully serve financial professionals and investors seeking to secure their financial life and legacies." - FORBES

Given the nature of intergenerational wealth transferences along with the cross pollination of multigenerational thinking when planning and strategizing for long term wealth protection and performance; a new conversation is emerging. One that crosses new values, new views and a new vision for family wealth over time.  

Dolan has been researching areas such as behavioral finance, happiness economics and investor resilience to develop his own Urban Financial Life Philosophy that lives at the core of new theories, applications, education and conversations that will empower, embolden and engage clients in a far more meaningful and impactful way.   

Attendees will learn more about: 

1. The NEW Urban Financial Life Philosophy;
2. The NEW tools for Financial professionals;
3. The NEW opportunities that emerge through the shift in conversation and;
4. The expanded realm of revenues and referrals that can be generated as a result of implementing this proven approach and attitude. 

Introducing Richard Dolan, Author of The Financial Life Professional Program and Curriculum

Richard Dolan is a 30-year veteran within the wealth management realm.

From building significant books of business personally, to playing various and vital roles with manufacturers attracting more than a billion dollars in assets under management; Richard possesses a rich and successful history among financial planners, investment advisors and private wealth managers as a business coach, advisor, and educator. 

He is the author of publications about money, wealth and worth - leveraging his background in research areas such as behavioural finance, happiness economics, and investor resilience. He designed and delivered academia at the Executive Development division for Schulich School of Business (York University) having designed, authored, and led two certificate programs on Wealth Management and Marketing Wealth Management Services.

He has worked with global banking brands such ING, ScotiaBank, HSBC and Societe Generalé. As well as iconic consumer brands such as Pagani Automobili, BMW, Bentley Motors, Chanel, GQ Magazine, Dragons’ Den, Rémy Martin, and Virginia Black Whiskey to name some. 

He resides in Toronto. For more information on Richard please visit his website  
Mr. Richard Dolan

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Critical Illness As A Retirement Strategy And Introduction To The Shared Ownership Concept. Presented by John Thanos, Living Benefits Sales Director - Sponsored by iA Financial Group (Living Benefits Division)

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

Being diagnosed with a critical illness at any time, but especially during retirement, could have a serious impact on clients’ retirement savings and income plans.

In this presentation, the advisor will learn that individuals, as well as business owners must, to the best of their ability, constantly identify and control risk factors which may threaten the success of the individual’s lifestyle or their businesses future.

They will learn that shared ownership of critical illness insurance can be a sound business strategy!

Presentation Overview

This presentation will provide the answer to the question, “Can Critical Illness insurance be part of a retirement financial plan?”

John will provide some insight as he addresses the following:

* Why Critical Illness?
* Critical Illness as Retirement Insurance:
* The Stats Support the Need for CI
* The Emotional Cost Of Recovery
* Why do Advisors Not sell Living Benefits?
* Re-framing Critical Illness Discussion: Retirement Insurance
* Case Study

An introduction to the use of a shared ownership option of owning the CI policy.

He will illustrate that shared ownership using critical illness insurance allows a business to protect itself against financial hardship should a key employee be diagnosed with and survive a covered critical illness.

Introducing John Thanos, Living Benefits Sales Director - Sponsored by iA Financial Group (Living Benefits Division)

John Thanos is the Living Benefits Sales Director for iA. He works closely with advisors and brokers across Ontario to help implement and promote Living Benefits as an integral component of a well-rounded financial plan.

John began his career in the financial services industry over 20 years ago and joined iA in 2015. He is an excellent source of information regarding iA’s Living benefits products and services. His experience offering sales and marketing ideas have helped brokers expand their book of business and increase personal production. His goal is to offer simple and effective insurance solutions to help Canadians prepare for their future and to be protected against the uncertainties of life.

John has successfully completed his IFIC Mutual Funds course, the OTL Insurance agents license, the LLQP and is currently working on his Certified Health Specialist (CHS) designation. John enjoys sports, travelling abroad, going to the cottage and has a unique hobby in producing holiday pyrotechnics shows for friends and family.
Mr. John Thanos


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The Life Insurance Business and You! If I knew then, what I know now! Presented by Don Xavier - Sponsored by Don Xavier Academy

What will the advisor learn from this presentation?

This presentation will help the advisor build their business through the use of increased practice management, business development, and managerial skills.

They will be in a much better position to provide the many products, solutions and services that they are licensed to sell.

The bottom line of this presentation is for the advisor to solve the prospect and clients’ problems by implementing the insurance protection they need for themselves, their families and for any businesses they might own.

Presentation Overview

The two most important days in a life insurance career are:

1. The day you get licensed and 
2. The day you discover your true purpose.

We can learn from the mistakes of others, so it follows that we can certainly learn from the successes of others as well. 

As financial advisors, we all must discover our purpose. This is to focus your energy on helping individuals, families, and business owners achieve peace of mind and security through holistic financial and estate planning.  

Ask yourself this question. Are you already motivated and need some great time-tested ideas to put into motion? Or are you looking for that one great idea that could potentially change your life and your business?

Should your answer be yes, then this high-energy presentation by Don Xavier is for you!    

Think about this… Your life insurance license is much more than just a piece of paper. Your life insurance license is a way that you will print money for your clients and at the same time reap the financial rewards when you do the right job for the clients.

Don has been blessed to work with some of the very best advisors and sales professionals in many parts of the world for the past 36 years, sharing how to alter their conditioning and change their habitual way of thinking and behaving to achieve their very best in life and business.  

Don’s objective is to educate people by utilizing his personal experiences, and successes with strategies and ideas for permanent, positive, lasting change.  

His super-awesome attitude is to transfer concepts, enthusiasm, and positive energy and influence on as many people as possible today, so that they implement the insurance protection they need for themselves, their families and for any businesses they might own. When this happens, they become clients, and without clients, you do not have a future in the life insurance business.  

Don will cover the following things that are necessary to succeed and build a strong insurance business:

* Be accountable for your time and avoid procrastination.
* Be ethical and compliant in all that you do.
* Ownership of your business from day one
* Continue training, get new ideas and concepts, and use mentors to help you get the success that you deserve.
* Systems and standard business process that is - reliable, duplicatable, scalable, and a consistent way to bring new potential customers into your business daily.
* Opportunity to grow by building - become a business owner if desired.
* Professional and motivating environment to conduct business.
* Building your business to position it for your ultimate succession planning opportunity when you decide to retire.

Keep in mind that not all the above will work with all financial advisors, so use the ideas that will work for you and your business.

Always treat your business like a business! Work harder than you would at a job and acquire focused relevant education, such as compliance, new ideas, strategies, products, technology, features, benefits, contractual commissions, and renewals.

If you’ve been in the business for a few years or should you be just starting in the life insurance and investment industry, you’ve made a good choice.

Introducing Don Xavier Author | Speaker | Sales Content Creator | Advisor | CEO at VFG Financial Group & Don Xavier Academy

Don began his career in the financial services industry in 1987 with Mutual of Omaha as an agent knocking on doors. Since then, he has held many progressive positions such as District Manager, General Manager, Vice President of Training & Development, and President & CEO, followed by building two successful MGAs with over 700 contracted advisors and owning a Mutual Fund Branch. He has written 3 Canadian best-selling self-help books:

* Motivational Cycles to Successful Selling
* Unleash the Magnet in You
* Liberta o Seu Magnetismo Interior (Portuguese)
* How-to Remove Your Success Blockers

Don also authored the Inspirational Sales Management Mastery Program titled, Boost the Value of Your Business.

His ideas, principles, techniques, and real-life examples are inspirational and can be implemented by anyone, in any industry, immediately.

He aims to help people alter their conditioning and change their habitual ways of thinking and behaving to achieve more success in life and business.

Since 1999 Don has spoken to thousands of people and business professionals in many countries including, across Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and the Cabo Verde Islands.

Don’s clients include TED Talk, Triple 7 Real Estate, Cabo International Partners, Pro- Seminars, Advocis, Industry Events, MGAs, AGAs, Mutual Fund Dealers, Insurance Companies, Schools, MLMs, the General Public, Governments, Rotary Clubs, Churches, and Company sales professionals.

Don turns every engagement, in-person or online, into a compelling learning experience. Daily, he strives to transfer enthusiasm, and positive energy to positively influences as many people as possible.

He lives by the saying “Begin every day with Determination and end every day with Satisfaction”!

For Don’s areas of expertise, please visit his website He will customize the right program to thrill and delight your people.

Call Don today at 416.562.9780 and talk about how he can help your people create breakthroughs together. He looks forward to your conversation.
Mr. Don Xavier

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